Do you ever feel like you are just one person and you alone will not make a difference?  One simple action that can make a difference in your community is as simple as watching the boxes and bags you use every day and clipping out the Box Tops for Education you see.  Each one adds $.10 to the school of your choice and does not cost you anything you are not already doing.  You don't even need to know a kid in a participating school to do your part.  Most any school will take these and turn them into much needed supplies. 

I save every Box Top I see because I know where this money is going.  It just takes an extra second out of your day and adds funds to your local education system.  I'm talking about the bigger picture here.  Schools are funded with our taxes and they benefit everyone.  These schools are educating our future business leaders, our future doctors, lawyers, policemen, our future presidents.  These schools are creating our future and every penny helps. 

Did you ever want to make a difference?  Now is your chance.  Clip those Box Tops and find a school that needs them today.

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