When you have a baby in the house you understand the need for a good budget.  Payday never seems to come soon enough when you need diapers or wipes and every penny counts just a little bit more.  It seems like you can run out of baby wipes weekly even though you tried to plan ahead and buy the jumbo box at your local warehouse store. Sometimes you may find that your child's skin is sensitive to the name brands or perhaps you just want to control what touches your baby's skin. So instead of trying out every brand of baby wipes, (which, in itself is an expensive endeavor,) why not make your own? It's actually quite simple.

Here is what you need.

A container the size of half the length of a roll of paper towels
A roll of good paper towels
Baby shampoo
Baby oil


Cut the roll of paper towels in half and remove the cardboard tube from the inside. If you've ever bought Clorox wipes then you'll understand what this is going to look like. Put the half roll in the plastic container cut side down.  It helps at this point to just barely pull the center paper towel up a bit since this is what you will be pulling.

Get 2 cups of warm water, 2 tablespoons of baby bath or shampoo and 1 tablespoon of baby oil.  Mix it all up and pour it over the paper towels.  Put the lid on the container and let it sit until it is saturated. 

Now they are customized to your child and ready to use.