The older I get the more I realize that I have been a tomboy so long that I don't really know quite how to do feminine. I know how to be lady-like and all the etiquette stuff...well, mostly, but looking feminine is another story. I didn't start really wearing makeup until about 3 years ago and I did so only because I started feeling old. Since then I have tried to find a sense of style that suits me and for the most part I am okay. Dresses, however, have eluded me since Jr. High. Because of this, I have resigned myself to wearing skirts. In all my blog-surfing, I have noticed that Shabby Apple and Anthropologie are very popular and I like what I have seen on other people and on the websites. Although, I have a hard time imagining myself in such attire. So with this in mind, I am taking a huge risk-- well, for me it's a risk--in trying this. So you'll have to tell me what you think.

I saw this skirt on someone's site, sorry, I can't remember which, but it gave me inspiration to try to make something out of the ordinary for me. I am very cautious by nature and being such, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I couldn't be sure I was going to wear. I know myself, and even if I made it, I might not wear it so I thought, "what can I do?" So, I looked in my closet and found a sheet. It was a lonesome sheet that I had no idea how I ended up with since there was no fitted sheet or pillow cases I figured it didn't matter what I did with it.

This sheet had a decorative trim so I cut that off to use for my top layer.

I measured this top portion and it was about 5 inches wide and folded in half so that is what I am going to repeat for continuity. Set this aside for later.

Take the rest of your flat sheet and measure out your foundation for your skirt. You can either use a favorite skirt as a pattern or just measure to your desired width. If you decide to trace your skirt, make sure you leave extra for seam allowance or you will find out that it doesn't fit. I measured mine and then sewed it together. I didn't make this an A-line skirt, I just cut out a rectangle since it will have an elastic waistband, I had to leave room for my "junk" if you know what I mean.

With the remainder of your sheet measure out 10 inch strips of the sheet the entire width of the sheet. I wanted 4 layers for my skirt so I cut out three strips in addition to my decorative sheet top. Fold in half so you have a 5 inch strip. Press these for a nice crease. Now if your are like me, you need to be careful while doing this. See what I did?

Doesn't this just SCREAM Domestic Diva? Makes you want to hire me doesn't it?

Set your machine to a basting stitch or the longest straight stitch you have and sew the raw edges together. I didn't roll my edges on the ruffles so they are raw and exposed. Pull the top thread to make the the ruffle. I pulled mine and pinned them onto the skirt as I went so that I didn't over ruffle them.

I sewed this on before moving on to the next layer. Leave the open edges until you have sewn most of the ruffle on to the skirt.

Flip this and sew right side to right side. Then finish sewing the ruffle onto the skirt. Repeat these steps with the next two ruffle layers overlapping the previous layer about 1/2 an inch or where you sewed the previous ruffle on. Stage the last ruffle approximately where you want it to be on the skirt and measure the distance from the top of the ruffle to the top edge of the skirt.

Cut out a piece that matches the top of the skirt and add about 1/2" to the height. Sew the top skirt together then sew on the top, decorative ruffle to the edge.

Put this top ruffle layer inside of the skirt right side out and sew it to the wrong side of the skirt.

 Flip out the top ruffle and press the edge of the waistband.

Measure about 1 inch away from the edge and sew a seam parallel to the edge leaving about 2 inches open. Cut a piece of 3/4" elastic to size and thread it through the hole. Sew the elastic together and then enclose it in the waistband by sewing up the 2" hole. And you're done! You can wear this by itself or under another skirt to make it more modest or more fluffy to your taste.

What do you think? Yay? Nay?

If I get really ambitious I might post a picture of me in this but for now, my floor gets to wear it. This project cost me nothing but time. That's the way I like it.

Tell me what you think? I'd love to hear the good and the bad. It only makes you better, right? Umm, please be gentle. If you decide to make this skirt, I'd love to hear about it. Send us a link from your blog and give us some love.

*Edited to add: This skirt was inspired by Alisa Burke

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