One day you see your baby and the next day you have a toddler.  It goes by so fast.  My friend has a baby and every time I see the little ball of fun I am shocked at how much has changed.  Everyday I sit at our table at home with my two great kiddlets.  I like to think that I take the time to have fun with them but do I really take full advantage of each moment?  Its so easy to get lost in to do lists, stacks of letters and bills, and deadlines.  Before we know it our kids are grown, gone or hit that dreaded I don't want to hang out with the parents stage. 

I want my kids to remember their childhood as a great memory.  I don't want them to remember the 900th math lecture but the time we went to the lake and played avoid the shark.  I want them to remember playing marshmallow wars and camping trips, road trips and midnights spent looking at the stars. 

So often now our kids are consumed with growing up.  Our elementary kids are now dealing with the things we did when we were in Jr high or likely high school.  Our kids are getting their hair dyed, nails done and defining them selves by what they wear.  Elementary kids are wearing more make up then I did on my wedding day.  When are our kids going to be kids?

Don't get me wrong.  I am a firm believer that kids need chores.  I believe that our job as parents is to raise them into functioning adults, but let them play.  Let them make these memories today so that they can cherish them tomorrow. 

My kids have a list of things they want to do and this summer and I will be helping them.  This summer will be for them!  My kids have a summer fun list they want to tackle and I will tell you all about it here.  Summer Blast is what we are calling it, so I will tag our adventures the same so you can follow to.