By chance I came across a product called Rub 'n Buff. Whenever I find something new or new to me, I like to do research on it and see what people really think. I believe that being honest when it comes to reviews is the only way to have a review and I often skip over the reviews that seem so positive they feel like ads instead of reviews. When they quote a lot of the jargon used on the company's website or commercials I find it hard to believe. So this is my take on Rub 'n Buff.

For those of you who don't know what this stuff is, I refer you to Amaco's website. This is a metallic wax finish that can be used for antiquing or gold and silver leafing. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. I found Amaco's website rather user-unfriendly and basic but Rub 'n Buff is anything but. Like I said, I am really skeptical of reviews that are overly positive but sometimes it is what it is.

The tube is a mere 1/2 fl oz and they tell you a little goes a long way. I hear that a lot but I rarely agree. This time, however, I wholeheartedly agree. I antiqued 11 pieces of hardware for my dresser and if you look at the tube

this is what it looked like after I was done antiquing my hardware. It barely looks used if at all and it did all this.

When I was using it I barely touched the opening of the tube and I worked in small sections. The smallest amount covered a good portion so if you use this product actually listen to what they say. A little DOES go a LONG way. I was so excited to see the difference I was all smiles the entire time I did this and all the while I was plotting/planning what I was going to antique next. I used the silver leaf because that's all my Hobby Lobby had in the way of gray undertones. I would have really liked to have found a pewter finish. I'll keep looking for that or I may have to break down and order it online. But considering this tube cost me only about $4 and the tube looks like I haven't even used it, I think I will try this out on my finished project and if it doesn't work out, I would gladly try another. I love this stuff!

You can really see the finish in this photo.

So even though the product was for silver leafing, I was able to adjust how aged it looked simply by adding less and wiping it off with a dry rag. So easy. This stuff ROCKS!!!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this review in any form and the opinions expressed are wholly my own.


* I loved the look of this product.  When I saw it in person it was even better.  Eve even let me touch it and try to rub some off.  It held up very good to the abuse I put it through.  I brought it home to try it out on my light bar redo and it wasn't the same.  My light bar was shiny and brass.  I smudged it on but it looked like it was smeared in silver grease.  I was able to wipe it off with a paper towel for the most part but I had to act very fast and rub hard.  I think it would have held after I painted it but I didn't try.  I assume that it needs some detail or dull surface to hold on to.  In all fairness I only gave it a quick go due to trying to hide my project before the Hubby got home. I can see a million things I want to try this on.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  Look for this product to come up again.