My house is getting old enough it needs tiny fixes and its not a top priority in our budget.  Id love to be able to fix it all but Id love more to live comfortable in my home and pay my bills at the same time.  My bathroom light bar has been rusting bit by bit.  I just wanted a new look to get us by until we found the perfect fixture and brought it home. 

You can just barely peek the rust at the bottom and no matter how many shots I took it shouldn't show better then this.  This is the light bar that came in our starter home 10 years ago and what we have hanging today.  My hubby is against the idea and he may have a point but I decided to paint it black.  He may have a point but really I think I cant break broken so why worry about it.   Its just a temporary fix but I think it matches our style more then brass and rust. 
Don't laugh at my light bulb choice.  They throw great light.  We will upgrade these too but for now temporary fix with a total cost of $1 for the cheap flat spray paint they sell at Walmart.  We are in the slow process of changing the decor to a Mickey Mouse theme.  Now we just wait for the Hubbs to get home.  Better to ask for forgivness then permission.