I have not done much research on this subject which is wholly unlike me but on a whim I decided to purchase this. Misty is usually the one I go to when I need to find out about something because she is usually up to date on new products but I didn't this time. I am in no way being compensated for this review. I have not received money nor free product for this review and it is wholly my own. Take it as you please.

I bought this at the store for around $4 which isn't too bad but after I got home and read the directions, I realized that there was no lid on my bottle so I don't know exactly how much of a measured portion is required. That being the case, I don't know if that affects the outcome of my review.  I bought the purple one which is Lavender something. It smells pretty good. I really just poured a bit into the washer, added my detergent and did the usual. As a disclaimer, I use Arm & Hammer powdered laundry detergent. I think this makes a difference. Though my detergent has baking soda in it, I can usually smell it's fragrances that are meant to "freshen" my laundry. But after sending the load through the dryer with my regular dryer sheet, the fragrance doesn't last. That is why I decided to try this out. I am on a laundry binge right now so I am doing a lot of loads. So far the laundry smells good when I load it. When I take it out to fold...

nothing. Really, nothing. I didn't add a fabric softener sheet to the first load to see if I could smell the Purex. I did notice that there is more static than I am accustomed to in my clothes. Not necessarily in everything, but some things. I know a lot of the reviews I did read after I purchased this product were good but they also sounded like they were somewhat copied and pasted from the website. Things like "92% natural," and "no animal fats," blah, blah, blah, you get the idea. I'm sure that this is probably coincidental since those were the main selling points but to me it just read funny. I wonder though, if I used a different detergent if it would make a difference. Perhaps my baking soda deodorizing detergent works a little too well. Maybe that should be a disclaimer. --Do not use with detergents containing baking soda as results may be altered-- Who knows. This bottle lasted me about 20 loads so far and still counting. After using the crystals for over two weeks I actually do notice the scent. It isn't right away all the time but after my laundry has been folded and later put on, I do smell the intended fragrance on the clothes. I do still add dryer sheets to my dryer to help with static so I don't know if this is really worth it to me. I think that if I really wanted my laundry to smell like something I should probably switch to another detergent and/or another form of fabric softener. I really just rate this as "ok" as far as my tastes go. I don't think that I'll purchase this again unless I get it at a smokin' deal.