I get home one day and use my key to get in my house.  I get in fine but the key isn't going to come out of my doorknob.  After trying my general fix of "tapping with force" to get it out I gave up and retrieved my screwdriver to remove the knob in whole.  I figured I may not be able to get it out but someone else might be so it was better to have a hole in my door then leave my house key out for the taking.  Before I could sneak out and get a new knob the Hubby came home and removed the key, but there was no using the doorknob after.  We put it all back together and went on a quest to find doorknobs we like to use and to look at. We opted to not use the brass finish we had before.  Seemed perfect at the time but we ran into a problem after we got home. 
I do really like the look of these doorknobs and they fit our style so much more.  We are taking tiny steps to make our house our home.  These tiny changes are adding up to this being our place. 
Here is the problem.  The rest of our house is done in brass knobs and there is no way we want to swing replacing all doorknobs at once.  There are a lot of things higher on the priority list. 
This is my Sons door just around the corner from our new hardware.  Shiny brass in view of our black just drew out the attention more that we needed to change things. I again turned to my dollar a can spray paint and added three coats.  It takes a while to dry before you can really grip it or you could leave finger prints in the paint and end up doing it all over again but other then that its simple.  I stand the knob up in the lid of the spray paint and that way I can shot from all angles and turn it around with out touching the still tacky paint. 
Its not perfect but it is better then what it was.  It will work fine until we can buy the matching doorknobs.  Ive loved being able to make the changes myself instead of wait until our budget said we could.  It means a lot to me to work my budget instead of my budget working me.