I know that this has been done all over blogland and since I am late in the game on decorating, I am only recently attempting it. I tell people that I want my home to be inviting, cozy, and look like we're not renting. And since I've started blogging I find myself out on the quest to make new friends (like Tracy H, Susan, and Daniella...Hi!). That leads me to the ever addicting habit of blog stalking. It's like a disease! I just can't stop. I see so many awesome things out there to make or do and it leads me to wonder just how many pages I can bookmark before my computer vomits. I haven't reached it yet but I'm sure that I'm close. I have only recently come across coffee filter wreaths and since I am not a wreath kind of person, I was surprised to find that I really like these. So I decided to put that one on the checklist for later. It has been raining quite a bit at my house so I figured that now would be the time. Luckily I had almost everything I needed. The only thing I didn't have was a wreath form. I saw that most people have used styrofoam wreath forms but I really didn't want to go to the store with all the kids so I had this brilliant idea that I would make my own. I gathered all my supplies and got to work.

I took an empty diaper box(bulk size of course), leftover scraps from my skirt/sheet project, my glue gun, and newspaper. I rummaged through my recycle bag for those. I had everything on hand, even the coffee filters. So I began by drawing a 12 inch circle on my cardboard diaper box. Then I drew a 9 inch circle within the 12 inch circle. I cut that out. That was to give me a shape. Sorry that I don't have a picture of that. Next I tore my newspaper into even pieces and scrunched them into balls. Hot glue those babies on both sides of the circle frame.

 Don't worry if it's not exact it won't matter.

 Next, take your fabric scraps, and tear them into strips. I then wrapped the strips of fabric around the newspaper frame.

At this point you can wrap it loosely or tightly to try to make the frame even all the way around. Glue you ends and Voila!

 A wreath frame out of trash, ahem...all ready on hand supplies. Now all that's left to do is attach the coffee filters. I only had these ones on hand so that is what I used.

Because of that, I cut mine out into circles and stuck the blunt end of a pen in the center. I then pushed the filter down over the pen and put my dot of glue in the center of the filter and then stuck it on pressing with the pen. Easy peasy. And 4 hours and 1 fit (not mine) later, I had this.

Awesome, huh! Notice the sneak peak which is the background. That'll be coming soon. I hope this inspired you to made do with what you have and try a new project...maybe a coffee filter wreath. If you decide to make this we'd love to hear about it. Link back to us and share the blog lovin.

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