My daughter was born as girly as it gets.  My house is naked Barbie heaven.  She wants to look the part too and so we find a lot of ways to create her girly style rather then buy it all.  Its pricey stuff but so simple and cheap to make. 
These are made from things we have in our house everyday.  Items to gather are alligator style hair clips, hot glue gun, scissors, material and a small piece of felt.  I buy the clips at Sallys Beauty Supply in a box of 500.  Its a ton of clips but we go through a ton here.  I think they are really meant to hold curlers in place but if it works it works. 

Cut the felt in to tiny rectangles.  This will be glued in the top part of the clip.  Its best to put the felt in then try to glue it.  Pop the felt in, open the clip and run a strip of glue.  Let the clip close and the glue cool.  This makes a nice surface to glue the pretty things to. 

Cut the material into circles the size you want to use.  I think random cuts look best.  I fold the material over itself and cut the circles in one cut.  Split the circles in two piles if you are making two flower clips.  I don't have a magic number of circles, it depends on the material used and the desired flower.   For this is used 7 circles for each. 
Glue in the center and add each piece of material on top of another.  Its that simple.  I like to add a button or a different piece of material in the center to pull the look together.  Some people like to add a smaller piece of material.  Its all up to what you have and what you want to use.  I wrinkle them up a bit and they are good to go.  Simple and easy, just my style.  

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