So, I'm getting there with my dresser. This is an all around first for me. I have only spray painted once before and it was a small project. This is huge by comparison. I just thought I'd give you all a heads up as to how I am staying busy.

All primed using Zinsser 1-2-3. I've never really used paint in spray form. I've really only used paint on a brush be it painting walls or painting art. I always brushed on never sprayed so this is new to me. Is there somewhere that tells it to you like you're 4 exactly how much primer to use? When I did this I started out spray painting by hand and then later bought a spray paint can helper. (Review to come.) So my inexperience obvious, when you prime, do you do an even coat or is it just enough to block out the underlying color you are trying to cover?

Kind of splotchy.

All the pieces.

All put together.

The Man said he liked it this way. He said it looked cool. As it is, you can see kind of a blue tinted dresser that almost looks like it is distressed. Then the Man explained to me why he liked it. He said it looks like snow camouflage.

It is definitely getting fixed. I am not having camouflage in my decor. Snow camouflage....REALLY?

I can't wait to show you the finished project.

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