Summer time is here and so are the kid's million requests for popsicles and ice cream.  As part of our Summer Blast we are trying to make some healthy changes.  If you have stock in ice cream it's time to sell because we are off the wagon.  So here is our solution.  Skip on the creamy calories and give me a frozen banana.  

A simple dip in chocolate and it's a treat the kids can't resist.  Creamy like ice cream with out all the naughty!

I used 3 bunches of bananas and two bags of melted chocolate chips in a double boiler.  Cut the banana in half and poke a stick through it. Dip in the melted chocolate and toss some almonds on the top and it's a treat you can eat.  Freeze them and pull from the freezer just like you would any other frozen treat.  I eat them when I need a quick treat to get me through a sweet tooth urge.

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                                  XOXO  Misty