I learned something today that I never knew. I know stores get merchandise in on certain days but it never dawned on me that they also markdown on certain days too. I know a lot of you deal diva's know this but there may be some who do not know it so I will post it here for those of you who may want to know. One of my go to places to shop is Target. I love that it is "everyday" but not commonplace. I googled "Target clearance" and came up with a website called Deal Beacon. On it, you can find the latest deals and some of them are AWESOME! But for now, here is the schedule. You can be sure that I will be watching the days for the things that I am waiting to go on sale.

Monday: Electronics, Kids clothing and Stationary
Tuesday: Domestics, Food Items, Pets, Women’s Clothing
Wednesday: Health and Beauty, Lawn & Garden, Men's Clothing, Toys
Thursday: Books, Decor, Housewares, Lingerie, Luggage, Music and Movies, Sporting Goods, Shoes
Friday: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware and Jewelry

If the clearance price ends in a ‘4′ (i.e. $1.94) then it is at its lowest price!