My Son wants to be a mad scientist when he grows up.  Because of this we do a lot of fun science around here.  This time we tested what kind of power we could get out of regular produce at our house.  For this project we used galvanized nails, copper wiring, and my Hubby's Ohm meter.  

First we pulled the covering off both ends of the copper and pushed one end into the fruit or veggie. Push the nail into the other and measure. 

We tested a potato, a green apple, a red apple, a lime and a lemon. 

The red apple gave us the highest readings at a full 1.0 volts.  The green apple gave us .98 volts.  The lemon gave us .94 volts. The lime gave us .91 volts.  Lastly the potato gave us .83 volts.   When we linked them all in a row we got a total of 4.03 volts which is enough to run a LED light but we couldn't find one.

It was a lot of fun to learn about power and how we can find it in the simplest places.  We can't wait to try it again on a bigger scale.  We will wait until the garden is putting out extras for that test though.