The more the news talks about BPA being in our plastics the more I panic.  How do I quit using plastic? I am a water lover and always have a bottle with me.  That can be a costly way to do things.  I filter my water at home and store it in a BPA free container in my fridge.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the same system but purse sized? It is, and I love it!

Let me introduce you to my favorite way of drinking H2O.

It's the Bobble Bottle and it's a life saver.  A simple, clear, plastic BPA free bottle with a filter lid.  This carbon based filter removes taste and odor from my water which means I can order water at a restaurant and be able to drink it too.  The filters come in a variety of colors so your family can each have their own favorite.  You just need to switch the filters every two months and go again.  That is a lot of water bottles I don't need to buy, store, and throw away.  

My first bottle was $9.99 and the filters were $9.99 for a two pack at a local store.  You can get them in many stores or online at their website Water Bobble .  They also have different sizes now and that makes me excited!

The filter has a lid that snaps down to stop the flow of water and it works great.  I trust the lid in my purse to not leak on everything else and I keep a computer in there so I need to really know the bottle won't leak.  To drink from it, you hold it up and squeeze.  It was different at first to squeeze the bottle but I love it now.  There is no tipping up and pouring water into your mouth though.  It's great for exercising or just everyday life.  I do worry slightly about how long the bottle will last with all the squeezing to get a drink from it but so far I'm on my fifth month and it still looks and works like brand new.   I enjoy the water I drink and the bottles make it so easy. 

I'm loving the savings.   Ive managed to cut Diet Coke out of my life.  I don't buy case after case of bottled water.  I am also doing my health a favor buy getting the water I need in a BPA free way!