Its a giveaway!  Yay, woohoo.  Free stuff, we can hear you thinking it.
Our blog here has been a blast to put together.  Lots of wondering how to tweek it better and wondering if others will love it.  So here we are. We want to know what you are thinking.  Do you like our colors?  What would you change if it were yours?  Content?  What would you like to see covered? Layout? To much? To little?  Do you have an idea for a guest blogger? How often should we post?  Are there things you want to see more of? Any ideas for giveaways?  Really we want to here it.  Don't hold back, just tell us how it is.  We want to be your favorite go to blog. 

Want us to sweeten the pot?  How about a $20 gift card to Pizza Hut?  Just comment here and you will get an automatic entry.  Want extra enterys, tell your pals.  If they post referred by ... you get an extra entry.  Please tell us your name so we can let you know if you win.

We will announce the winner here on our blog and its up to you to contact us.   Winner will be chose at random on April 8th 2011 at 9:00 MST.  First post is #1 and so on.  To keep it fair we will use a random number generator.  

Okay.  Ready, set, go!