No, that is not a typo.

Once upon a time, I had the idea that I would become a chocolatier and own my own chocolate shop. I had the name picked out and everything. This was in the middle of my baking obsession where I was baking cookies frequently and experimenting with different recipes. I am not a bad baker, and have often been told that I make the best treats, but I haven't yet perfected chocolate. I can bake with it just fine if it is just another ingredient like salt, but if it has to be pretty, that is another story.

For a Birthday party, I decided to make some cake pops. Bakerella has lots of cute creations on her website. She even wrote the book. They looked easy to make and I had so many ideas of what I could do. For this party I decided on a Batman theme and found these little beauties. I made my own cake not from a box. A first for me. I made my own frosting. Another first for me. And they were good. Things started looking up for me. I bought my 6 inch sticks, my candy pieces, and candy melts in preparation. Everything thing seemed to be falling into place.

Let the decorating commence!

I started with some white candy melts to make the face. I had borrowed a fondue pot from my neighbor but since I had only melted chocolate in the microwave, I had to look up what temperature at which to melt it. That done, I found that I had overheated the chocolate. Strike one.

I had only bought one bag of each color of candy melts which equalled...two bags. Strike two.

I let those chill after I had added the faces and candy pointed peaks on the hood. Time for the blue dipping. I tried the fondue pot again only to have it make the candy melts chunky and gritty. I added crisco as per the directions in case I messed it up and overheated it again. It got harder and chunkier. Strike three.

At this point I gave up and melted what chocolate chips I had in my pantry and started dipping. I added the sprinkle eyes and let them chill.

Sadly, this was one of the better ones. Most of them looked like this.

See, cake poops.
Things I've learned.
  1. If you attempt to make cake pops, the styrofoam base is a must. I used a cookie cooling rack atop a cookie sheet with a towel on top to minimize slippage. I had many mess ups because I had them slip.
  2. Make sure you have all your equipment on hand in advance. 
  3. I can't  work with chocolate.
What can I say, I am jealous of all you creative people out there who can work in this type of media. I am not good at this.