So do you remember my Skirt/Sheet? Well, I tried on my repurposed sheet and guess what? It didn't really look like me. What to do, what to do? Do you know what I did? I gave it away. To my sister. I gave her the explanation that "it just doesn't look like my style." She agreed. So she took it home to see if it was her style. It wasn't. So it came back. I was bound and determined that this not go to waste so I decided to just wear it. I'm cool like that. I make these split second decisions that leave me going out in public wearing an all-too-see-through-skirt-that-I-really-should-have-had-a-slip-under-but-didn't-realize-it-until-15-minutes-before-the-end-of-church-and-no-one-said-a-thing-to-me-because-who-thinks-that-you-can-see-through-brown-anyway. Yeah, that was me last week. So this week I just put on the skirt, did my usual checks in the mirror and I know you can't see through this one because of all the layers and it's at least double from top to bottom. So we were good. I guess. At least as far as modesty goes. But my day didn't start out so hot because the day before, I fried my curling iron and was having a bad hair day so I had to pull out my last resort which was my hot rollers. I have never really figured out how to properly use those without leaving an odd crimp in my hair from the clip. So I made do. I left with the kids on this Sunday morning, again to church in the hopes that I could redeem myself. I arrived at church and saw myself reflected in the glass doors and do you know what? It didn't look half bad. I even garnered a few compliments. Who knew? I guess it pays every now and again to branch out of your comfort zones. So here it is. Before and after.

My sheet in its original state.

Me in my Skeert trying not to think about my sun deficient legs on display for all eternity because the internet is forever.

And there you have it. Out of my comfort zone but, not too bad.

I hope this inspires you to get out of your bubble and try something new. If you decide to try this link back to us and share the blog lovin. We'd love to see your projects and hear about it.

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