I read an article once that said a doctor's tie harbors harmful bacteria. This really didn't dawn on me until I took my youngest in for a well-child appointment. During this appointment my doctor removed my child's diaper for whatever reason. He leaned forward and his tie touched my child's bum. Oh the thoughts that rushed through my head! I used to work in a lab and am very familiar with the types of bacteria that abound just normally on our skin and generally around our body. I started to wonder where his tie had been. EEEEWWWWW!

Fast forward to the next well-child appointment.

This time I am coming prepared.

I took all of 10 minutes to make this handy little thing that will hold his tie in place for him. It isn't a tie tack like a pin but it accomplishes the same thing but this way, his tie looks like it magically stays put. All you do is button one end to your shirt button below the tag and loop it through the tag on the back of your tie, then button the other end to the button above your tag. Simple. To make it even easier, you could repurpose an old mens shirt by cutting off the buttonhole section of the shirt and sewing the ends.

I wrapped up my little gift in this box I made.

I used the tutorial from Flutter by atomicbutterfly who is way more scrappy than I am.  Here it is all closed up.

I would love to say I came up with this idea myself, but sadly, I am not that clever. I can't even tell you where I found it because I didn't bookmark the page. I scoured all my regular stomping grounds to no avail so if you came up with this or know who did, give me a heads up.

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