The sun is bringing a warm glow to my neck of the woods these days and somehow that makes it seem almost cruel to slave over a stove for a warm dinner when we can have something simple, cool, and tasty.  Unless its the Hubbs turn to cook then light up the BBQ and I will get my lounger out. 

We get a variety pack of produce from a local food co-op.  Its always the same price but the items in it are always just a little different.  I have learned to love this pasta salad because the vegi varieties are an endless option. 

The basic recipe is this simple. 
One thing of pasta... I used a 2lb box of elbows today but I just use what ever I have. 
3/4 C Ranch Dressing ... Your favorite will do just fine
3/4 C Italian Dressing ... Again your fav.

Then just start dumping stuff in from there.

Here is what I used today. 
2lb box of elbow noodles
Kens Ranch and lite Italian dressing.
Sliced almonds
One tomato
Bag of broccoli and cauliflower
One carrot and
about 2 pounds of chicken.

 Cook up the chicken any way your family likes it.  Cook the noodles and let
them cool.  Dice up all your produce and mix it in a big bowl.  The only issue we have ever had is if we mix it up while the chicken or noodles are still warm.  It makes the cheese go greasy.  We chill it for a while because we like it cooler but as long as its not melting the cheese hot its all good.

                                   XOXO  Misty