I know everything is going hi-tech these days but let's just say I'm cheap. I'll be honest. I buy a lot of things because I'm going to "make do" until I either break down and buy it or I decide to live without it.

I don't scrapbook very often, if at all and I don't generally do paper crafting and therefore do not own many gadgets to "make my life easier." When I made my baby gift box I needed something to cut with so I went to Joann's and bought this paper cutter.

It came with a blade attachment and a paper scorer and it was only ten dollars when I purchased it so I figured I'd give it a go. Since then I have used it many times and frankly, it sucks. The measurements are off and the ruler arm when extended makes the paper slightly crooked. I made a baby shower card and tried to use the scoring attachment only to have it scratch a hole through the paper. I couldn't even lay down the clear ruler arm to hold the paper in place because it put too much pressure on the paper when I used the scorer. I resorted to just going back to the store and buying an embossing pen and using a straight edge. About the only thing I have found this good for is letting my daughter use it when she wants to do school projects.

So really, if you need anything to be measured exact like I did when I made the gift box for my Sani-tie-zers, then don't buy this.