The fun of living on a budget is finding all the wonderful things you can achieve while living on it.  I don't want to spend our money on storage when I could stash it for a vacation.  This is a simple project that makes my storage a bit easier on the eyes.  When we get food that comes in the pull top cans I wash them out and save them for projects.  These seem to have less sharp edges to deal with.
Round up glue, cans, and the paper you want to cover your cans with.  I love my glue gun for so may reasons but probably the biggest is my patience, I don't want to wait for glue to dry to play with my projects. 

I like to measure and cut with a mat and a rotary cutter but anything will do.  Measure the height you want covered and cut a strip.  For this can I cut a 4 inch strip from a 12 inch paper. 
Glue the end you don't want to see down first and line up the paper with the top ring of the can.  This will give you a nice line to follow.  Put down a strip of glue along the edge of the paper and get it on the can. 

Wrap the paper around and add a few drops of glue when you reach paper again.  You will have a little flap sticking out that you can make a nice edge with.  Put glue close to edge and smash down to make it lay nice. It just takes pressure and smearing if there are bumps. 
Now your done and have storage cans made from scraps around your home.  What are you going to use these for?  We use them for pencils, tools, organizing nuts and bolts and a chore system.  Yes I said chore system.  That's a teaser.  I will be posting on that one later.